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Your home is an extension of you and much more than just a living space. With our knowledge, skills and research experience we aim to choose the best layout, artwork, colours and textures to make your home inspiring, comfortable and safe for you and your family. We apply Feng Shui principles of design to create healthy and beautiful home of elevated harmony, increased energy and long lasting vitality.

In our design we are guided by our clients mostly and their view of how they want their new home to look and feel. We would analyse your likes and dislikes and what makes a home interior important to you and incorporate your lifestyle, hobbies, taste and family needs. We would select the right layout, colours and textures to achieve the feel of elegance, understated luxury and harmony in your home.

In creating your living space we will be guided by the following fundamental principles:

Balance – in design, balance creates a feeling of equilibrium through zoning and traffic flow charts. “Zoning” is separating areas within a given space according to their designated use.

This is especially important in open-plan living where functionality would be determined by whether we cook, entertain, dine or socialise in a specific area.


Following zoning, furniture is positioned in a certain way to create traffic flows not only for aesthetic purposes but also for safety and effectiveness.


With an awareness of zoning and traffic flows, a room becomes more pleasant and inviting but also functional and secure.

Harmony – created with the correct colour and fabric selection in a room, which depends on the position of the room, whether south or north facing, and the texture of the materials used for example in the soft furnishings.


Using rough textures that absorb more light will make colours appear softer, while glossy surfaces that reflect more light will make colours appear colder.

Focus – a focal point is essential in any design - a statement that highlights the beauty and meaning of the design and which will instantly draw our attention in a well balanced and harmonious space.


A focal point in a space could be your favourite artwork, a special bespoke piece of Objet D’Art, a fireplace, a mirror or anything that you consider beautiful in your home.

Proportion and scale – furniture needs to be of a specific size and quantity to fit in the space comfortably without creating the feeling of either a crowded or an empty interior.

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