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Commercial space interior design for us begins with in-depth analysis. Projects we can assist you with range from small scale commercial/residential development to creating a statement entrance in a commercial lobby or any public space that needs to make an amazing first impression. Whether a boutique hotel, restaurant, bar, office or mixed-used development, we will be happy to undertake your project and create a long-lasting design that will best serve your business and brand in the years to come.


With commercial space we aim for great precision – we appreciate that choosing the correct standard of finish is of huge importance in the hospitality sector or when creating high traffic areas in a mixed-use development for example. Precision must be affordable, and we will use our creativity to achieve a statement factor for you with a full appreciation of your cash-flow. Through this process we would seek to work in collaboration with the best architects, artisans, suppliers and tradespeople in your area; we feel strongly about supporting local businesses and favour local brands where possible.


With skilful spatial planning, we will maximise your ability to use your commercial space to help your business reach its full potential. We will aim to deliver a design that is completely guided by you in the spirit of the brand of your business.  Encouraged by your ethos and business values, we would aim to achieve a beneficial outcome for you that was reflected in increased trade and demand for your services/product.


If you are a developer looking to enhance the presentation of your scheme and make it more desirable to prospective customers, we can assist with creating an elegant showroom to make it more attractive to your target audience. We would help you select the correct colour scheme and interior finishes and furnishings for your newbuild, to suit your cashflow and best target your customer type and market segment. We could also help with computer-generated images and mood boards to enhance the visualisation of your project and can develop bespoke furniture packages for prospective purchasers.

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