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Our design process includes the following stages:

Design Analysis – During this stage we will find out more about your property, the style and era or construction and the type of project you would require.


If the project is a refurbishment, we would need to involve a development  / refurbishment company of your choice in the process and we will help you along the way in the process of selection.


We would be happy to make recommendations or work with your own developer.


During this stage we analyse your taste, likes and dislikes, hobbies and life style to create a profile of you and your family and your expectations of the project alongside your timescales and budget.

Design Statement – Creating the design statement and objectives of your project is of significant importance to us in the initial stages, as this sets the tone of the entire project and quite often we will revisit the design statement to ensure we are on the right pathway throughout the project.

Design Concept – This would mark the beginning of the creative process where we will establish the colour scheme and create basic layouts, including zoning and traffic flow charts.


If this is a refurbishment project, we would ideally be involved with architects from an early stage to help choose the finish of walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens etc.


If your space is to include artwork, this is the time when the piece or pieces will be curated and included in the overall concept of the design.

Development – Through the development stage, the layouts and zoning are firmed-up and furniture is selected and included in interior layouts and designs.


We go deeper into the scheme to specify key details, materials, walls, floors and furniture fabrics as well as all other elements/finishes.


We also critically help to define the lighting concept and other specific technical equipment that would be used in the scheme.

Technical – We prepare and present mood boards, visuals and furniture layouts, together with FF&E schedules and schemes as well as the programme of works related to the project.

Tender – We develop your tender pack and contractor’s programme together with your architect. We would help you select the best form of contract and contractor.

Verification – Once the contractor is appointed the proposal is discussed with the contractor.

Construction – During the construction stage we remain in close communication with the contactor, helping to make sure that the project is developed on time and according to tender specifications.


We make sure that the FF&E are organised for timely delivery according to our design scheme.

Aftercare – We can help with the preparation of snagging lists and we make sure that there are no issues with delivered furniture and interior pieces.

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