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The signature of Milena Hutchings Design is the creation of bespoke, statement pieces such as metal work staircases, stained glass windows, lights and focal art installations. 


We embrace art and traditional craftsmanship in our work, with each space brought to life via a harmonious mix of contemporary and vintage pieces, expertly planned lighting and innovative design. 


Through a network of art galleries and dealers, with bespoke feature artisans as well as discerning curtain and furniture makers we would be able to assist with all aspects of your interiors from curating and sourcing art to creating beautiful art displays in your residential/commercial space.


For every project, big or small, our aspiration and pride is to create liveable and functional spaces, filled with harmony, artistic energy and beauty; inspiring spaces in which to live, work or play. We are proud to be able to collaborate with key interior designers, local and London based to accommodate residential and/or commercial projects.

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